Chantal Spruit

My background is in facility management (FM) with a focus on sustainable urban engineering and energy consumption. During my studies and work in FM I have always had a passion for sustainability. For me this is an integral part of the field and still far from underexposed. I have always said that I want to help the facility sector realize its potential in the field of sustainability. I still see a great importance in this, but during my master in sustainability and leadership I was able to open my eyes. I saw the importance of something bigger, a more holistic approach, namely human happiness.

​You can work so hard to ‘achieve’ sustainability, but if you lose sight of people, it is worth little. At the same time, I believe that humans have never been or can be truly happy in a destructive society. During my master I was able to work with various land management organizations and it became very clear to me that people feel happiest in nature. This has been proven by several studies and is also easy to verify yourself. Wouldn’t it be better to walk through a park than through a residential area or industrial estate?

​We often put ourselves above nature and forget that we, like any other being, are part of it. This is reflected in how we design our cities and built environment. Initially, there is little attention and space here for nature and human happiness. My goal is to change this and to make the city a place for and through nature, where human happiness flourishes.

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22nd November 2021