Michael Mafa

Michael is the Managing Director and FM Consultant at Dikago Facilities Solutions (FM Consulting Company in Botswana). Certified IWFM Facilities Professional (CIWFM), IFMA professional member and a Sustainable Facilities Professional (SFP). Michael is an ERB registered Professional Engineering Technologist and leads a team which brings the annual
Facilities Management Day Celebrations to Botswana.
Mike has over twenty-five years of experience in Facilities Management from; the United Nations Botswana Country office where he was the UN Country Facilities Manager, Maruapula High School as the Estate and Facilities Director, Bank of Botswana as the Property and Maintenance Manager, Voice of America – International Bureau of Broadcasting as the Engineering Supervisor, and Anglia Ruskin University (Chelmsford) UK as
IT Support Officer.
Academically Michael holds a master’s degree in Engineering Management, Degree in Communications, and an Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Diploma. He was key in several construction projects throughout his career and did several projects and building management related courses.
Mike’s passion is in Smart and Sustainable Facilities Management, green projects he facilitated recently under his leadership include; Solar Water Heating Systems major refurbishment to hostels, conversion of campus lighting to solar-powered, conversion of classrooms and offices light fittings to energy-saving LEDs, equipping facilities with sensors on lights and air-conditioning systems to save power, working closely with BITRI in piloting
the first Solar powered Traffic lights in the country, maintenance and installation of grey water recycling systems and aggressive implementation of dry landscaping solutions.
Michael drew up the strategy and produced the budget for the United Nations Botswana office facilities management sustainable programme which is currently being implemented.
Smart solutions implemented under Michael’s leadership include the introduction of smart utilities meters for ease of management, identifying faults and assistance in cost reductions.
The major smart solution implemented recently was the Computerized Management system (CMMS/CAFM) which brought about efficiency to the running of the Facilities Management office. Michael has rolled out several other smart solutions for the various facilities management components.

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