Stefanie Gross

Stefanie Gross is the Project Manager of the afringa academy, an online learning platform, powered by afringa. She is a young economist with great knowledge on the needed skills to enter the world of work. The aim of hers is to provide praxis oriented and up to date employability trainings to all students and professionals around Africa.
Stefanie has joined afringa in 2020. Alongside her work as Business Development Manager of the company she is in lead of the development and expansion of the afringa e-learning platform, created to prepare the next generation of young Africans for the world of work.
Prior to afringa she has driven forward a female empowerment project in Arusha, Tanzania. In the NPO organization she was helping local women to start their own businesses. Now she concentrates on equipping the afringa academy participants with the needed skills to find high-quality employment.

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