Natalie Hofman

SpecialityChair of EuroFM

My name is Natalie Hofman, I live in the Netherlands. I am 52 years old and have my work experience in various management and executive positions within the domain of FM and RE. I have acted on the side of clients as well as on the side of market parties. I have been involved in new developments in FM for over 25 years. PPP developments, sustainability goals based on the SDGs and the development from facility to management organizations are examples of this. At the moment I fulfil the position of Lead Technical Department & Security for the high voltage energy company TenneT. In this position I am involved in setting up a management organization including outsourcing of the technical service based on the RCM methodology. In addition, I am part of the steering committee a new construction project in Germany. A position where I am mainly involved at a strategic level with the development of the technical organization and the maintenance processes.

From 2014 until 2020 I have been chairman of FMN, the professional facility management association in the Netherlands. At the moment I am as a Project Lead still involved in FMN, I am organizing together with IFMA for the fifth time the biggest European facility management event World Workplace Europe. Since February 2023 I am the Chair of EuroFM, the European facility management network.

In my area I am known as a facility management professional who carries out its work with passion, I am able to motivate and I find it a challenge to get to know and connect new people and companies. I am forward-looking, dare to take on challenges and I am someone who monitors “the big picture”, but if necessary, I will not fail to explore the subject matter as well.

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