Tebogo “Tebby” Modisagape

SpecialityFounder and Director of Val Interiors

Tebogo “Tebby” Modisagape is the Founder and Director of Val Interiors, an Interior Architect by profession, an accredited professional in Net Zero & Interiors. Tebby is a TRUE Zero Waste Advisor-Green Business Certificate Inc.(GBCI)

As the reigning President of the Botswana Green Building Council (BotGBC), an integral member of the esteemed World Green Building Council (WGBC), Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (GlobalABC), and UNEP-Civil Society, Tebby’s influence is far-reaching. Her illustrious array of accolades resonates with her transformative impact, skillful nurturing, expansive networking, profound connections, and dynamic co-creation – a testament to her exceptional prowess.

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