Thapelo Nteta

SpecialityMechanical Engineer
Panel ModeratorAddressing the Existing Backlog through Cutting-edge Technology and FM ISO Standards.
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  • Addressing the Existing Backlog through Cutting-edge Technology and FM ISO Standards

Thapelo is a Mechanical Engineer by training who believes there is always a better way. Just like growth, doing things better is a continuous process driven by innovation, imagination and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Thapelo spent the first few years of his career in Renewable Energy and although has deviated from that field over the years, still believes that renewable energy and in particular solar energy, is the future. Problem solving, overthinking and meticulous planning, have taken him into Project Management, Quality Assurance and Business Excellence all of which he continuously applies to every aspect of his life.

Thapelo is currently the Operations Executive at Infrastructure Facilities Managers, a job which enables him to fully utilize his competencies and talents.

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