Maria Morapedi

  • Director of FMCE Companies | Founder of Africa Facilities Management Association
  • Director of GPFI Botswana

Maria Morapedi is a dynamic and experienced Director with over 25 years of international property and facilities management expertise. She is recognized for her role in establishing and leading successful organisations, conferences, and initiatives within the field. With a strong ability to drive growth and foster collaboration across borders, Maria is a trusted leader in the industry.

Maria holds a certified membership with the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM) and has a Master of Science degree in Construction and Project Management. She is also a holder of the SP (Sustainability Facilities Professional) certification awarded by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA).

As the Director of GPFI Botswana, Maria is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the organisation’s operations. Her strategic leadership and effective management ensure the optimization of property and facilities management processes, leading to client satisfaction and successful outcomes.

Maria’s passion for advancing the facilities management profession led her to establish the Africa Facilities Management Association, an NGO born out of the success of the FMCE AFRICA 2020 virtual conference. Currently serving as the Vice Chair of the association, she is dedicated to promoting and advancing the field of facilities management across Africa. Through collaborative efforts and initiatives, Maria works tirelessly to enhance the professional development of facilities management practitioners on the continent.

In addition to her role in GPFI Botswana and the Africa Facilities Management Association, Maria serves as the EuroFM Ambassador for Botswana. This position allows her to foster international collaboration and knowledge sharing in facilities management. Maria actively engages with local organisations, acting as a liaison between EuroFM and the industry in Botswana, promoting best practices and industry standards.

Maria’s expertise and influence extend further as she chairs the Technical Committee – GDP9: Facilities Management ISO 41000 Series Standards. In this capacity, she leads the committee’s efforts to review and recommend ISO standards for adoption. By ensuring compliance with international standards and promoting the adoption of best practices, Maria contributes to the continuous improvement of facilities management.

With her MSc, certifications, and extensive experience, Maria Morapedi is a respected figure in the industry. Her skills in property and facilities management, strategic planning, leadership, and sustainability make her a valuable asset in driving the growth and success of organisations and initiatives in the field.

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